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I-65 outside Mobile - even the freeways look beautiful

creek in the early morning from our campsite

looking out from our door

We're at Prairie Creek Campground which is on the Alabama River on one side and Prairie Creek (looks like a good size river to us) on the other side. If you draw a line between Selma and Montgomery, we're halfway between the two. We're out in the boonies and it's quiet and peaceful. We may just stay here and not get out to see anything else while we're here.

We drove here on the Selma to Mongomery National Historic Trail. March 7, 1965 non-violent marchers left Selma to march to Montgomery for voting rights (I was in high school and remember it on the news, but must say I didn't pay much attention). They were tear-gassed, beaten, and stopped by state troopers. It was all over the news and became know as "Bloody Sunday". Many people were upset and joined in the new march that began March 21 and lasted 5 days. Martin Luther King was among them. The Voting Rights Act was passed in May 1965 which ensured blacks the right to vote.

Erin, you'll have to tell Andy that I'm listening to NPR. It was the only station I could get except sports. I thought it was a news station and they had some really interesting stories (someone who traveled quit a bit in China, 2 brothers that fish for crab in Alaska, etc). Then they mentioned it was IPR. Next I heard NPR. So tell him I take it back - it's not all some boring voice (not here anyway).

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