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Hello again. Well we have spent a few driving days now too get to Iguassu Falls on the Brazilian side. Spent some nights at various campsites along the way, including one at the Devils Cave, which is a big cave full of stalegmites and stalegtites - really impressive. Today I did a helicoptor ride over the falls which was amazing ! Then we walked to the falls and got a closer look. On the Brazillian side, you get a good idea of how big they are but tomorrow we are going to the Argentinian side where you get really close up - we'll be on a boat and go right to the edge of the falls. Apparantly we will get a bit wet but thats good because its 40 degrees here at the moment!!

Our group is a really good mixture - the majority of us are between 27 and 33, the youngest is 24 and the oldest is 65 (Mr and Mrs Moon take note please - this man climbed the Inca Trail last year so I think you should aim for similar!!)We all seem to get on very well so far. We are a bit spoilt because our trip leaders Kevin and Vicky do all the shopping and cooking for us - we even have themed food nights, am looking forward to the curry one where apparantly Kev does about 6 different dishes. Yum.

I am getting used to the camping malarky. Luckily so far all campsites have had showers. I am not looking forward to doing the old bush camping!!. Quite a few of this group are going all the way to Quito so thats good too!

I have just had a shower and half way through i realised i forgot my towel. Hmm. Such a stressful life i am having trying to remember these things. Got a few mosi bites but not too bad.

Am going to try to upload some photos when i get to Buenos Aires in about 3 days time.

Adios for now !

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