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Yesterday we awoke to a sunshine filled day but cool temperatures. After our morning coffee, we got ourselves ready for the doctor appointment.

We met Jennifer at the Hannibal Clinic which is part of the Hospital complex, and did the required paperwork, etc. When we were ushered in to see Dr Hirner, she was ready for us. The doctor explained that Marilyn has a cluster of cysts, but they are benign. She could drain them but does not feel that this is required at this time. What she does want is another mammogram in six months, so we made an appointment for that to happen when we are back here in October. The bottom line here is that the surgeon confirms what we were hearing from Marilyn's doctor. The second opinion is always a good idea and we all felt better that both doctors agree that things are ok at this point, but we are going to keep an eye on things.

After we were finished at the Clinic, we drove to the local KFC for a larger than needed lunch. It was good though! :)

After lunch, Marilyn got in the car with Jennifer while I took the van and drove back to the campground.

The girls were running errands and shopping while I took care of some chores back at the RV. The temperature had climbed to about 60 degrees so I put out the lawn furniture and swept the patio off. I then changed out one propane bottle so that we now have two full bottles connected and one empty bottle standing by to be filled. :)

Once that was done, I decided to dump the holding tanks. When I was nearly done with this chore, Jeff dropped by to visit with me for a moment and pointed out some mushrooms growing along the woods within 50 feet of our RV. Jeff had just walked away when Marilyn & Jennifer drove up. We grabbed a plastic bag and went mushroom hunting, starting next to our RV, by picking up eight fairly large mushrooms.

I loaned a cap to Jennifer and away we went. Jennifer and I both found mushrooms and Marilyn got into the spirit of things by locating several more. When we returned to the RV, Jennifer had a nice selection of fresh picked mushrooms for dinner tomorrow.

Jen called us later in the evening to tell us that she had the mushrooms sliced up and soaking in salt water.

Marilyn and I ate the last of our fresh mushrooms last night and we may go out again today, looking for more.

We watched American Idol last night and then watched the remainder of the Cardinals ball game which they won. We read for a short time before turning off the lights and going to sleep for the night.

Yesterday was another good day for us. We are happy again and some of the stress of not knowing Marilyn's situation is now over. We have been blessed and we look forward to Branson and then Colorado Springs.

You know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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