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Cathy and Dennis in the car

Dennis, Ed & Steve

Cathy, Sonja, and Marilyn

Marilyn was really hungry

Meal's end

Yesterday began as a cool, overcast, rainy day, as Marilyn & I had our morning coffee.

We had a road trip planned with four of our friends, driving to Arbela to enjoy a buffet meal with some of the best catfish in northeast Missouri.

Our friends arrived shortly before 1:00 PM and we headed out in the light rain, driving north on Hwy 61, then west on Hwy 136 toward the Catfish Place. The rain had stopped before we arrived at the Catfish Place.

I have pictures to post for you to show the remains of the wonderful meal we enjoyed.

They had Catfish, fried chicken, ham, shrimp, and many other tasty dishes on the buffet. They also had cherry cobbler and ice cream for dessert. It was Yummy!!

In years past, my family has shared many wonderful get-togethers at this place. Whenever my brother, Bill, and his family visited us we made it a "must do" to have a meal with other family members at this place which was called "The Country Tavern" in those days. Because we had shared so many good times here with lots of laughter and many happy memories, I simply have to eat one fish for my brother.

I ate four fish for myself and one more for my brother, along with the other great food.

Needless to say, we were all stuffed when we left and started home.

The sun was shining by the time we left the restaurant and we decided to take all back roads back to Hannibal, as much as we could. We drove the back roads through little towns which were not much more than wide spots in the road, enjoyed the well manicured fields and the scenery, telling stories, laughing and teasing one another.

We laughed for quite awhile when Steve expressed his desire to start a second career in his retirement. We passed a dairy farm which has over 1000 cows to be milked every day and I mentioned that I had seen on TV, a short story about a guy who said he had to stimulate the teats when using milking machines. Steve jumped on that deciding to become a teat stimulator after retirement. That got us to laughing and was the stimulus (pun intended) for many other jokes and much laughter.

We arrived back at our campground a little after 5:00 PM and said goodbye to these good friends with hugs and promises to see each other on Wednesday evening.

Marilyn & I watched the final "Big Brother" show for the season and then watched a documentary on PBS about life aboard an aircraft carrier.

I read for a short time before putting the book down and fell asleep with the window open. I must admit that I awoke when the cold breeze began blowing in my window. I closed the window, covered my head with the covers and fell back asleep.

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days spent with good friends when no one has any agenda except having a good time. I hope all of you have a great day today and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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