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Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande --again

Awaking in Mesa, I walk, noting that today is trash day—not having a place to put it any time bugs me—but I turn around and put mine out. Then a shower, the typical disconnect, put away everything, and take off for Scottsdale, for a scheduled haircut, based on a personal recommendation.

Scottsdale is a upscale community, the place people from Lafayette or Moraga and other such places will gravitate towards when they visit the Phoenix area, where they can see other people like themselves.

Even though Benicia is not that kind of a community—it is much more mixed—I have to admit to a comfort level I have in Scottsdale. Everyone is courteous. Everything is clean and orderly.

At a European style restaurant, I have an excellent lunch—crepes, wine, cappuccino. Then, the haircut. The same person has cut my hair since 1977—Dallas in Lafayette. Rosie does it in much less time. Good job? It's too early to tell. I'll have to work with it awhile.

Then I head south for Tuscon, stopping along the way at Casa Grande Historical Monument. These various ruins remind me that history of this country doesn't begin with "white" history, but far earlier.

Cactus Country RV sets ten miles south of Tuscon, flat out in the middle of the desert. Obviously, a poor choice on my part. I will stay here until Saturday, probably disconnecting each day and driving to Tuscon.

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