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Rosario population is 1mil. the bus ride from Santa Fe to Rosario was an enjoyable 2.5 hours.

This is the only city in northern Argentina that i truely wished i had a camera with me. Oh me god. it has to been seen to be believed. Rosairo is renouned in Argentina for having the most beautiful women in the whole country and it didnt dissapoint. How this phemomenon occurs naturally in nature one can only wonder.

apart from that Rosario is a really beautifull city, clean good plazas and malls to people watch :) tons and tons of cafes, some really nice monuments dedicated to the independance through democracy of Argengentina.

while we were in Rosario the conflict between the farmers and the government was beginning to heat up. the story goes that the government has slapped the farmers with a large increase in taxes because they think that the farmers have got it too good. naturally the farmers dont like this but they also want clarity on where the money is going. In Argentina there is a long history of corruption in the goverment and the people are very quick to think that this money is going into some rich politicians pocket and aparantley with good cause too. so the farmers are blocking the highways into and out of Buenos Aries. refusing to supply the city with meat and when the wind was blowing toward the city they burnt what ever dry material they had and smoked the city out. (quality, thumbs up for that one) the city was completely engulfed in bushfire smoke for a week, you couldnt see more than 150m down any street, and not at all comfortable to live in.

so with the farmers complaining the people rallied behind the farmers and on mass they go down to their central monument with a large saucepan and a metal ladle and stand there chanting and banging their pots. in rosario one night there was about 10000 people all doing this, they set off their car alarms beeped their horns and waved banners. a peacefull noisy protest. its good to see people in another country actually give a shit. alot of people in our coutry wouldnt gather at protests like they do in argentina or back in the 60´s but then again we have it pretty good back home and there isnt really alot to complain about.

ill try scab some photos of Rosario of other people travel blogs and claim them as mine so you can see this beautiful city.

Rosario also had the best nightclub that i have ever been to. it was called Madam or MDM. it was a converted railway station/mill house and its fantastic, it holds close to 5000 people and is an amizing venue. because Rosario has more girls than guys it is the only place that i have ever seen a line for the guys and a line for the girls and the girls have to wait to get in. (im not joking this place is the land of milk and honey) needles to say we had a great night. and for those that really want to know, no i didnt go home empty handed:)

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