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So this morning we left for the airport and went to check in for our flight. We were then informed they had over booked the flight and there was no space for us even though we had booked tickets! They did however put us in an all inclusive 5 star resort that night, so we made full use of the facilities like the jacussis and had a huge lunch and a delicious 4 course dinner in a v posh restaurant, followed by a very good nights sleep in our huge room with a sea view and a very large breakfast the next morning! We then went back to the airport and pickedup our $300 vouchers to spend with Copa Airlines and got on the flight to Panama City. We hada fewhours towait here so shopped around the duty free and went to see if we could use our vouchers to upgrade to business class as we couldnt use them for anything else and were told that it was full. However by the time it came to board there were 3 seats available so we asked again and were told to check when on the plane. So we did and were told we couldnt use our vouchers, then we could, so we moved to business class but were told it was too late to order a meal! So we sat and ateour economy meal in a polystyrene tub whilst everyone around us ate their 3 course dinner on china plates! So we were not happy and started drafting our letter of complaint! Our luggage had all arrived though and we were met my Florian at the airport which was good as it was about 1230am and we didnt know where a taxi would take us!

Our hotel room in Lima is nice, and even has a fridge! Such a luxury for us! However we then discovered that someone had also gone through our bags as our zips were open! Part of mine has a lock but out of Sarahs bag they had STOLEN our big bag of Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolates that had come all the way from England only a few days previosly! Grrr...

We┬┤re looking forward to meeting our new group though and starting the next leg of our adventure.

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