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Well today we enjoyed a nice lie in and were up and ready for 10am to have a Spanish lesson with a local teacher. We found this very worthwhile as it was only 2 pounds each an hour an we learned 3 verbs and a whole list of useful expression as well as directions. We then had lunch and rested a bit and at 2pm we were picked up by a mini bus to go the volcano. It was meant to take an hour but took 2 as for some reason the van didnt go faster than about 30mph. Anyway we eventually arrived and met our guide and the other group that would be climbing with us.

The hike up the volcano was VERY physically demanding and showed just how unfit we were! Some people decided to take a horse half way up (referred to as a "taxi naturel" by the local children) but we were determined to climb it as we thought it would be good practice for the Inca Trail. We stopped briefly at the top before heading down a really steep slope to the lava field. Here we had to clib across the hard volcanic rock for about 20 mins which was very sharp, and started to get very hot feet! But then we turned the corner and right in front of us was flowing molten lava, and lots of it! You could get right up close next to it, and we even toasted marsh mallows in the lava! It was amazing and starting to get dark so the colour was fantastic. Our guide then said we had to leave as the lava was flowing fast and had covered the path we had taken! So we made our way back and by this time it was pitch black and hardly anyone had a torch. I was also feeling very ill again and was sick but we managed to stumble our way back own in the pitch black for about an hour. Although it was very difficult it was one of the most amazing experiences as not many people get to see flowing molten lava up close!

Back home it was a quick shower (in the shower that spat sparks everywhere from a lose live wire!) and stright to bed!

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