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Today involved a very long day of travel for us as we had to leave Merida at 745 to be on the coach by 8. Altogether it was a 10 hour journey on the coach, broken up only by a quick 20 minute stop at lunch time. Luckily this time we were given priority over seats after our last bus trip, so we were right at the front with plenty of a/c and leg room.

We arrived in Palenque in the early evening and had time to buy some fresh mangoes before getting in a taxi to our next hostel, which we did´t realise was right in the middle of the jungle! Our room was in fact a thatched hut with no windows just mosquito nets, and we discovered we had several interesting room mates, including a few lizards, a large frog and a scorpion! Probably due to the fact there were several holes around the windows and roof and a 4 inch gap under the door! But the location was beautiful andx the noise of the cicadas and monkeys was pretty loud!

In the evening after supper we went on a 20 minute walk in the dark to a nearby hostel. There were hundreds of fireflies and the stars were amazing as there was aboslutely no light pollution. At the other hostel we watched several locals who put on a fire show dancing with hoops of fire etc.

After a pretty sleepless night in our hut, we were again up early to put our bags on to the roof of a mini bus that was to take us thorugh the highlands towards San Cristobal. First though we stopped at the ruins of Palenque and had a guided tour of them. It was amazing as we could climb up them, unlike at Chichen Itza, and it was right in the heart of the jungle surrounded by ountains. We could even go inside some of the tombs. After this we got back on the minibus for a few more hours before stopping at 2 waterfalls where we could swim which was amazing, although the currents were strong. After lunch it was back on the bus again for a further 6 hours up the mountains along some very curvy roads. Sarah got very travelsick and had to sit in the front with her eyes closed most of the way! However we arrived in one piece and checked in to our hotel, which is actually really nice and not an animal in sight! I went out for dinner with some of the rest of the group and brought some rice back for Sarah as she still wasnt feeling too good. However after a good nights sleep all was well by morning.

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