Emma and Sarah's Mayan Adventure May 2008 travel blog

cancun beach outside out resort hotel



before going for dinner in cancun on the balcony

the dolphins we swam with



Well today we left our little Caribbean paradise where we´ve been staying for the past 6 days and headed for our starting point hostel in downtown Cancun. Although worlds away from the recent luxury we´ve experienced, it wasn´t as bad as we expected, and even had a pool, although the electricity was down for about 4 hours so no lights or a/c for a while.

At 6pm we met up with the rest of our group who we will be spending the next 22 days with. There are 15 of us altogether, 13 girls and 2 guys! We represent a fair few countries as well. Our tour leader, Jamie, is about 26 and from Canada and she seems really nice and very knowledgable and of course is fluent in spanish as well as having done this particular tour about 4 times already. There is a 19 year old couple from Canada, a couple from various places in the states, 2 girls from Denmark, a lady from Australia, 2 girls from Germany, and 1 guy from Reading in the UK. Jamie provided us all with tequila shots to welcome us to Mexico in the traditional style, and handed out our basic itinery.

So tomorrow we leave Cancun, as it is really a massive resort area, and get on a bus for about 3 hours to visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza for a few hours before heading on to the city of Merida which will take about another 2 and a half hours. Providing the buses don´t break down, which apparently is not uncommon, so fingers crossed! We´re off to re-pack now and already considering on leaving some things as its a nightmare trying to fit everything in and repacking every night/other night!


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