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Yesterday we awoke to more rain. We even experienced wind and hail before the day was over.

Marilyn & I had our usual morning coffee and then had to get busy. Marilyn had errands to run in town while I was off giving tours of Mark Twain Cave. We had more than 500 school kids visiting the cave yesterday. I gave either four or five tours. I don't try to count them and lost track toward the end of the day. Two of the new, young guides came in and that saved us. I think that today I will only go in to give one tour of Cameron Cave and not do any more.

The leaves are all out now and flowers are blooming everywhere. The campground and landscape around the cave complex is beautiful even though the grass is needing to be mowed again. Right now it is too wet to do anything about the grass.

Once I was finished in the cave I walked over to the RV, changed into comfy clothes and joined Marilyn for some dinner. We ate leftovers, finishing up the bean soup she had made, and then settled down to relax and watch a movie. We have had the DVD "The Kite Runner" for awhile but haven't watched it because Marilyn was reading the book. She finished the book last night so we watched that movie. It was a good movie.

I went to bed around 10 PM and read a book about the history of the Texas Rangers until nearly 11:00.

It was quite cool outdoors last night so our little electric heater ran most of the night. I think the temperature dropped down to about 40 before morning.

Marilyn finally heard from the doctor yesterday and the report suggested she do nothing for one year. However, her doctor would like to have a follow up ultrasound done in six months. We are going to see the surgeon on Tuesday to get a second opinion. It appears that the things they were seeing were cysts but there seems to be several of them so we are being cautiously optimistic.

Marilyn will have the second ultrasound done when we return from Colorado and before we leave for the Rio Grande Valley.

So we are happy with the results. Life is good.

We had a good day yesterday and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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