Overlook from trail looking at Haad Yuan beach and our Bungalow on...

Alternative View of Haad Yuan

Haad Yuan and Interior of Koh Pha Ngan

Sunset on West side of Koh Pha Ngan

Sunset Again

Still the Sunset

Mark, , Jessie, and Rosie heading out for a Night Dive!

The beach and Frisbee (Rosie, Mark, and )


More Frisbee

View Across the Bay from our room

View up the Beach from our Room

Full Moon

Todd, here's your chance to tell it like it is!!!! Ha

So I split from the group in South Thailand to meet a friend that was traveling on Koh Pha Ngan. My friend is Jessica and she was traveling with two of her good friends Rosie and and an Australian they had met in Nepal a month or so earlier named Mark. After a ferry trip to the island I caught a share taxi to the other side of the island where I then had to take a boat around to the beach they were staying on. The beach is only accessable by boat or a jungle trail that takes about an hour to walk. Luckily I arrived on a day with fairly large waves so the boat ride was pretty exciting, but the dismount onto the beach was kind of scary, thankfully I made it onto dry land without soaking my camera or backpack, more than I can say for some of the others on the boat! I spent that night in their bungalow, and we got a late start to move to Koh Tao, we missed the last ferry so we spent that night on the west (calm) side of the island waking up on time and getting to Koh Tao in early afternoon. We found a decent little place called the Scuba Shack with real friendly staff and reasonable prices on diving, which was our plan for our stay there. got her Open Water PADI certification while Jessie, Rosie and I got our Advanced Open Water Certification and Mark decided to get his First Aid Rescue Diver certification. We also went Night Diving 3 times in hopes of seeing large Barracuda, no such luck for me, the others say they caught glimpses but the rest of the sea life kept us occupied and having fun. We saw lots of stingrays, puffer fish, a small octopus, a large sea snake, trigger fish, and lots of other cool stuff I don't know the names of! After 5 days of lounging on the beach and diving I had to get back to Bangkok to meet the rest of the group and head on out of Thailand. I would have liked to stay longer and do more diving but I guess that's just a good reason to return some other time.

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