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Lincoln Profile on the Road to Presidio

Tim at the Big Bend Ranch State Park

The Park Has About 120 Longhorns

This Is A Really Rugged Place

High Chicachua Desert

Mule Deer

The Road to Madrid Falls--In the State's Truck!

Great Views

We Saw a Few Javelinas

Cactus in Bloom

Madrid Falls-2nd Tallest in Texas

Looking South from The Madrid Falls Overlook

Susan and Tim at the Overlook

Rainbow Cactus

Susan at a Campsite in the Park

This is the Road to the Campsite

Presidio, Texas and Mexico from the Park

We drove south to Presidio, Texas, that is on the US-Mexico border. The RV park that is there was almost deserted--only 4 RV's in a park with 86 spaces! The park did have all the needed hookups and easy access. We drove out to Big Bend Ranch State Park to see how long it took to get there and check on our Madrid Falls Trip.

The drive of 29 miles took about 1 hour and 15 minutes--all on dirt roads and some very rough.

So that was accomplished so we went back to the RV and had a good night with the air conditioner cooling us all night! The drive out to the park the next day was again about 1 hour.

At the park we met Ranger Bill Broyles who would drive and guide us to the Madrid Falls Overlook. The Falls are about 12 miles away but would take about 2 hours in the 4x4 that Bill was driving. The road was unbelievable and very rough. We stopped at a few sites to look around and we were able to see mule deer and javelinas along with alot of cactus.

Finally we got to the parking spot and Bill said we had about a 1-1/2 mile hike across the desert with no trail. We were barely equipped to go but we did it. The best thing about the day was that the sky was cloudy and the temps only reached the low 80's!

The hiking was good because Bill had a very easy pace and we stopped a few times to see some audad sheep that are in the park but not seen very often. The photos show the falls and the surrounding area.

On the way back we explored a few campsites that Bill had not seen. These are very rugged and isolated campsites that campers must supply everything-food, water, shelter, fire wood and a really good 4x4 vehicle to get there.

Big Bend Ranch State Park is a very isolated Texas State Park but is really worth the visit if you enjoy the outdoors. We found out that the Park headquarters does have facilities for people to stay there with meals included. In addition, horse back rides into the park are possible with everything furnished-horse, saddle, etc.

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