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Tennessee- the state of volunteers. I don’t know about that but it sure is beautiful. We could have stayed here longer if possible cause so many roads and so much land that it just went on forever. The red flower is called Fire Red or

Grass Pink depending which book you look it up in. There were just too many flowers to put on one journal entry. The lilacs, tulips and iris were out all over. The smells were intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough. We were in the back yard of the Natchez Trace which runs from Cherokee, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee but all of this started with the Lewis and Clark trail. The trail originally started in Natchez, which is at the bottom western corner of Mississippi and went on north from there. The blue flowers are called bluebells and start out pink and blossom blue. They filled the forest with an aroma that was unmistakable. We found some waterfalls as you can see and they were well hidden down a 900 feet walk straight down. It was heavenly while we were down there cause the water was cool and the air 900 feet up was 80 degrees. The water was so clear and we walked down stream and guess what we found- as you can see they are little crayfish. Being in my hand gives you a general idea of how small they were but they could scoot around in the water really fast. Sadie and Ruby went mouse hunting when they couldn’t catch the crayfish. They sure got their exercise that day and so didn’t I when I had to climb that 900 feet walk back to the Jeep. We couldn’t resist the picture of one of us in Tennessee and the other in Alabama.

Then of course the park was full of turkeys and deer all over the place. Dennis even got me up one morning telling me how he was going to call in a big gobbler all fanned out so I could see one. HA! HA!! Not a one could we find until we had gone back home changed our clothes and was heading to town. You see him in the picture gobbling but he never did fan out. Dennis said he was only a Jake but it sure was nice listening to them talk.

We met a very nice couple (Tom and Vicky) at the RV park. We sat up a couple of nights with a fire and some wine and beer and other fine spirits. We went to a fish dinner with them on Friday and they whipped us up some nice burgers on Saturday. It was a very good time and we had a lot of fun telling stories and watching the fire. I hope we catch up with them again somewhere in our travels. They were good people.

We went to a winery that was unbelievable and you still won’t believe me. We followed little winery signs about 5in. by 10in. that just said winery with an arrow for road after road. They turned every which way and just kept getting smaller as we went along. Finally we came to the sign you see and the winery was on a side hill but we could see no vines or crates that you would put grapes in. We hesitated about driving up the driveway being wary of meeting a toothless gun-toting hillbilly. Brave us, up we go and we don’t regret it to this day cause it is good wine, really good wine. The guy was really nice and had an old hound dog named Scooter that was so lovable. We probably did a lot more like grocery shopping, looking at horses and cows. Checking out how much land was and how high taxes are and were not living in Tennessee. Catch up with ya’ll later cause now were in Kentucky.

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