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Eagle River and the Chugach mountains


Thunderbird Falls

Eklutna native burial ground

Eklutna Village Historic Park-spirit house

Russian Orthodox church-modern

St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church-original

Have been doing some sightseeing (duh!). Went to the Eagle River Conservation Center. Also went to the Thunderbird Falls. Both were a bit of a hike (about a mile each) and well worth it. Not many animals but we saw an eagle and a woodpecker. The eagle flew right overhead about 30 feet away. Got a pic as he was flying away. I am very proud of Rose, doing all that hiking and enjoying it.

The Dena'ina Indian people are the first residents of Eklutna(1650) and they combine their native beliefs with those of the Russian Orthodox church. This is the area's oldest building in the Anchorage area. Just an aside, they use a root of Athabascan language, the same as the Navajos and Apaches. They are related but not closely. The spirit houses were placed over traditional graves & contained personal items to help the spirit in the next life. Small spirit houses indicate the resing place of a child. A picket fence around the spirit house means the deceased was not a Dena'ina. The graves all had small houses, banklets and lots of lots rocks piled up high around the spirit houses. They were very colorful and well maintained. It was just beautiful. Will return when it is open to learn more about it.

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