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Ready to go

So we're ready for the off. We have packed, unpacked, re-packed, forgotten whether or not we've put the mosquito repellent in, unpacked again, found the Mosiguard inside someone's shoe, and finally repacked.

We have renewed the home insurance, cancelled the milk, and redirected the post. At work, we have presented handover files to unsuspecting colleagues.

Time to go. We'll be back before we know it, but in the meantime....

Things We Will Miss

- Grandma Vera's 80th

- Various other birthdays and indeed, births

- Andy and Caroline's wedding

- Having an income

- Jaffa cakes

Things We Won't Miss

- The General Election

- Tim Henman going out in the quarter finals

- Charles and Camilla's wedding

- The 0716 from Farnborough station

- Big Brother

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