2008 Hawaii travel blog

Bali Hai as seen from Tunnels Beach

Bali Hai from the Movie South Pacific

Beth at Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach at low tide - those are rocks showing in the...

Welcome to the jungle...just steps from Ke'e Beach

The start of the Kalalau Trail, an 11 mile trek through the...

We stopped at another beach to watch the waves

The waves were crashing against the rocks

Our table at the luau

The dancers

They had several costume changes

The skirts are leaves, not grass

The guys take the stage

We went outside to watch the Samoan Fire Dance

We went back to Tunnels Beach to take pictures. From the beach is a beautiful view of Bali Hai which was in the movie "South Pacific". It was low tide so there were lots of tide pools filling the holes on top of the rocks. We could see sea cucumbers laying on top of the rocks. We also returned to Ke'e Beach. Before hitting the beach we hiked a very short way up the very steep Kalaua Trail. It is a popular 11 mile trail that goes almost straight up at the beginning. The trail leads to a camping beach on the other side. We didn't have our hiking boots so didn't want to venture too far in our tevas.

On the way back to the condo we explored another beach. It started to pour down rain when we got to the condo. The rain didn't stop for several hours. The weather channel had flash flood warnings displayed for Kauai. When we got in the jeep to go to the luau the floor on the passenger side was covered in about 2 inches of water (the top wasn't closed all the way). It wasn't until the next day that Henry found the drain hole so we drove the 30 minutes to Kapaa with water sloshing at my feet.

The Hiva Pacefika luau was held in a big tent next to a hotel in Kapaa. When we arrived the rain had stopped. Our seats were right next to the stage at one end of a long table. There are several luaus on the island. This one had been recommended by a local we met at the grocery store. We found out later that some of the luaus are stadium seating with over 1000 people. This one was fairly small which was nice. The only disappointing thing was we didn't get to see them take the pig out of the pit. The food was good - we both tried the poi. It wasn't what I thought it would be and didn't have much flavor. We enjoyed the show. The dancers were great with several costume changes. Going to a luau is a must do thing when in Hawaii.

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