2008 Hawaii travel blog

We woke up to clear skies for the first time since we...

Another beautiful day in paradise

We could see whales far out in the ocean from here

We bought a pineapple at the farmer's market

United Church of Christ near Hanalei

A pair of Nenes with a taro field in the background

The nenes liked to hang out beside the river

A pair of nenes

Kilauea Point Lighthouse

Kilauea Point Lighthouse - westernmost US lighthouse

A view from Kilauea Point

Another view from Kilauea Point

This island is a bird nesting area

The skies were clear this morning for the first time since we got here and we were finally able to see the tops of the mountains from our balcony. We walked a short way from our condo to look at the ocean. The seas were calm and we could see whales blowing offshore. We drove along the north shore road and parked at Ha'ena Beach Park. We lugged all our snorkel gear and walked along the beach to Tunnels Beach to snorkel. The sand is coarse and golden, the kind you sink into with every step. As we stepped into the water to snorkel, the bottom changed from sand to rocky bottom. We snorkeled out to a drop off and saw tons of fish, including wrasses, parrotfish, yellow tang, sargent majors, and the state fish again. There were a few corals growing on the rocks. We had a plate lunch of chili pepper chicken in Hanalei and then went to the farmer's market in search of fresh pineapple. There were vendors selling all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers grown on Kauai. I found my pineapple and then we headed to Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse. The lighthouse is the westernmost US lighthouse. The wildlife refuge is a nesting place for several kinds of birds including albatross and shearwater. We had beautiful views from the point and several people saw whales out in the distance.

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