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one of the fishing vessels that they use here.

old man with a throw net

the little deep river with the tidal currents

check out the drag net

similar shot

nice little harbour

shannon with a hat gifted to him by the locals on another...

Florenopolis city bridge

Beautiful Florenopolis city

sun set over the river heading out of Florenopolis


firstly i would like to apologise for the late update i have been having way too much fun for one person.

we arrived in Florenopolis for a couple of days after being in Ilha Grande for a couple of days. we arrived with quite high expectation about Florenopolis because so many other travellers had talked it up very highly about great night life and beautiful women (sounds good to me). Anyways we arrived at the bus terminal and this soccor player turned tourist guide came up to us with many pamflets and stuf about apartment stays in the barra de lagoa area that we could stay at. they were within our budget and he seemed as ligit as the others.. so we accepted a free lift to the barra de lagoa area and headed out there. We visited Florenopolis during the week and didnt plan on staying anylonger than about 4 days at the most as we wanted to be in Puerto Iguazu for the weekend. We got the Barra de Lagoa area and the apartment that the guy had brough us to was actually pretty good. 2 beds seperate kitchen and bathroom, so we payed for 3 or four days.

Barra de Lagoa is essentially a little fishing town that has become polular with the brazilians to party and relax at because it it beautifull and offers great seafood. The seafood on offer wasnt within out budget so we were left to watch others eat it. haha. anyways we found some good local places to eat at for $10 reals which consisted of fried fish/chicken/beef, beans, salad, and rice. nice.

We had a small but deep river just outside our apartment that was subject to quite fast tidal movements so we could go for a swim and not move because the current was so strong, later int he evening it would reverse and all the water would head bak out to the ocean. the photos that we took at night we have used a long exposure to let you see how fast the water was. we thought the photos turned out quite well.

well we found a couple of live bands and had a couple of good nights out but it wasnt the nightlife that we were expecting. we had arrived in post carnival slow down and mid week life wasnt all that exciting in Barra de Lagoa. not to worry we had a good time and headed off to Puerto iguazu. i hope you like the photos.

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