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Elephant in The Camp!

Elephant in The Camp!

After two days of thrilling game rides in the Serengetti, we had left that amazing place to spend some time at Ngorongoro Conservation Area and inside the Crater. We had missed the migration and therefore the number of animals in the Serengetti was much lower than they would have been had we arrived just one month earlier. The large herds were now north in the Masai Mara but a good number of animals permanently reside in Ngorongoro Crater where water is somewhat constant. Here we hoped to spot the last of the Big Five Game, The Black Rhino.

We arrived in the evening and some us ventured to take cold showers. We had been promised that we might be able to have a warm shower if we arrived early, but the temperature of the water confirmed that we must have been VERY late! I elected to do a "wipe off" or "cowboy" to remove some of the Serengetti dust from my face arms and feet.

Later that evening the entire camp got an unscheduled visitor. An elephant had made its way into the camp to have a drink of water from the water tank. This generated a lot of excitement and we were assured that there was no danger. After the elephant had had enough to drink, he wandered back into the woods perhaps until he became thirsty again the next day.

After a nice dinner, we held our evening briefing and retired to our tents for the night.

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