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Hi There!

We crossed from Eleuthra on Sunday April 20 to Little Harbor Great Abaco with WERPLAYIN and DREAMER. DREAMER had two Mahi Mahi on the lines but lost them but were willing to have all 8 of us for dinner at Little Harbor. It was lovely and the crossing was great...some wind small waves so we motor sailed across.

It's certainly nice to be here in the Abacos again. It's amazing how rich they are compared to most of the other islands. We are now in Boat Harbor looking over a lovely resort with huge boats and the houses surrounding us are very beautiful and much bigger than most of the houses in other parts of the islands.

It's sad that there are so many houses that are caving in on themselves and just left to their own destruction in the other islands. You always wonder what happened to make people walk away from such nice places. Some of them were quite substantial. Some were due to starting the house and never finishing it, some due to hurricanes, some due to poor construction and some I'm told because getting title to the land in the Bahamas is very difficult. They have crown land (like our national parks), family land and titled land. Most of the lower Bahamas is family land that is untitled and only Bahamians can build on it.

Here in the Abacos you don't see that. Lots of it is new construction and the older settlements have cute, small, wooden houses painted in lovely colors. You don't see the rundown look that you have in the other islands.

We are heading to my favorite charming settlement...Hope Town in Elbow Cay for the next few days. I am especially looking forward to some of Vernon's Key Lime Pie and his Bahama Bread! Yum!

Hopefully I'll have some better internet today at Hope Town. Will try to get some pictures up soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. Out.

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