Happy Trailer's Alaska Journey 2008 travel blog

Coming into Yosemite Valley

Since we're here, why let our RVs prevent us from being tourists?

El Capitan, the largest ganite monolith in the world-where we were aiming...

Driving through construction

Driving through tunnels

Careful, not too close to the sides

How nice to have a Thousand Trails Preserve near Yosemite

Dinner time

A Stellars Jay at TTN

Relaxing at TTN

Back to beautiful Yosemite

Half Dome, Yosemite's most distinctive monument

Another view of Half Dome

Yosemite falls, tallest waterfall in North America at 2,425 feet

Dave and Ric holding that Rock up on our way to the...

Pam holding that tree down on our way to Yosemite Falls

The base of the falls

A young sequoia

Where did we park the truck?

"Water from mountain flows, melted from winter snows..."

A parting shot outside the park

So much for catching up quickly, it was impossible to hold a signal both wi-fi and air card and it will only get worse. On Thursday we will head west from Prince George, BC into beautiful countryside, but not much civilization let alone signals of any kind. So don't worry about us, we are all doing great, we just won't be able to communicate very often. Just know we miss you all so much...

Now to get on with catching up - Driving through California and its ever changing scenery and climate was such a pleasure. Yosemite was our next destination and we stayed at another Thousand Trails Park called Yosemite Lakes which was on the far side of Yosemite National Park in Groveland, Ca. Many roads inside and out of Yosemite are still closed for the season, so to get to TTN we had to drive our RVs through Yosemite. The higher elevations of the park had much snow, though the roads were clear, and there was much construction going on, so it made for a challanging but beautiful drive. As we had to drive right through Yosemite Valley, where there was not much snow, we had a chance to park and take our first tour. What an incedibly beautful place! Who would guess that there would be so many people there this time of year, but it was Easter weekend coming up.

After finishing our tour we exited the park at the Big Oak Flat gate (we entered at the

South Entrance) and drove through construction 5 miles to Yosemite Lakes TTN, which is situated beautifully on the South Fork Tuolumne River. Don't ask me why they call it Lakes. The weather was great and we panned rather unsucessfully for gold and had a wonderful Easter.

Of course we toured and hiked Yosemite National Park and even though parts of the park are closed until May, we still had the whole Valley to admire and enjoy. It was especially fun to hike up to the top of the Lower Falls and to hug a sequoia. This is another place that we were so grateful to see and would love to come back to.

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