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April 21, 2008 (Sunday Sights and Sounds)

Sunday a.m. we headed off to Kennesaw Mtn. Battlefield, northwest of our RV Park location/we got lost in Marietta (a beautiful old homes/old churches town) and finally wound our way up the hill to see a very small visitor center and tons of families with dogs ready to hike the "hill" AND see the monuments, mostly visible by foot..not within our abilities, so we headed almost directly Southeast of Kennesaw to Stone Mtn...another famous Civil War battlefield area near has been privatized..(look up the website) and you can only see the mountain which has etchings (like Mt.Rushmore) of various famous Civil War commanders on its side..the rest of the place is all touristey, and private golf clubs, fishing resorts, etc. and a very posh RV camping ground where about 45 PREVOST  (theBMW's of class A motorhome-bus things) were there for a rally..whew..a beautiful drive, but disappointing sights.  We finished our Sunday with a wonderful experience at a small Catholic parish in McDonough, GA..Fr. Murphy led a joyous group with many teens in what is called a "LIFETEEN" mass..youth participating..very lively music and an awesome sermon..."let not your heart be troubled" from John 14 and he QUOTED LOTS and LOTS of scriptures thru his whole homily!!! chapter adn a real BIBLE scholar...Praise GOD and the people even said "AMEN" several introduced three little "darlins" in his Irish brogue and had them come up front..they had just received Jesus in their first Holy Communion that weekend...and the people gave the little ones a standing ovation..such a joyous family of GOD!!! SUCH A TREAT...THE MUSIC WAS super..praise-type with clapping, and drums and a lively was a joy for us!! the youth were up front and wore TEE shirts with GOD..the one and only..or some kind of COKE slogan using GOD..and they said the prayers of the Faithful and made lots of reference to the Pope's recent visit and words of HOPE to the youth of today to not look to secular sources for the truth, the way and the real life!! IT WAS NEAT!!  spent Monday..just "hanging" out, NOT driving anywhere since tmo. we head off to Florida a 326 mile trip thru most of Georgia and possibly a "rest" overnite stop on the way somewhere in a Walmart.

I am sorry we missed the Cyclorama, but it was closed on Mondays and we so enjoyed spending Sat. at the aquarium in town..the Braves played on Sunday and people said DON'T GO TO ATLANTA during a game we did not get into downtown..oh well...

SO FAR..(we have a son-in-law...yes this is you, Andy) who often asks us when we come home from a trip..tell us what the best thing was..and the worst thing..well, so far..the best (apart from seeing and spending time with family and close friends!!!) on the touring part of the trip..for BOTH of us was the Battle of Shiloh, as far as scheduled events and sights..the cemetery really affected me emotionally..all those young boys, sons, fathers, brothers, sweethearts, on BOth many un-named young men killed in such brutal ways. Paul too felt that Shiloh had a spirit about it that was haunting and thought provoking. The worst..which was disappointing was Crater of Diamonds mine..too muddy..too steep for us..too rainy..too many ticks! Several of the neatest surprise delights were: Helen Keller's birthplaces in Alabama; seeing the Grand Ole Oprey and Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville AND the Gibson Guitar factory; the riverboat ride in Chattanooga; the model train place for Paul; the masses at Easter in Las Cruces where we waited for PARTS; and now we look forward to some fun time seeing Anne Key, our friend from Silverdale, WASH. who now lived in Fernandina Beach, Florida..the very northeastern tip of Florida, north of Jacksonville..we will spend next weekend with her and possibly drive down to see St. Augustine, FL..will keep you all posted of our movements..God bless you all..we feel your prayers and know you are "traveling" with us vicariously..good to have you along and enjoy sending news to you all..take care *paul & fran

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