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Gato de Cortez


Moorings beach

We are renting the catamaran named Gato de Cortez from a company called the Moorings, which provides rental services in places good to sail around the world. They use new boats owned by others for a few years and then the owners get them back - a bit like the condo we've been renting this week. Proceeds are shared, of course.

Today we gathered for our official briefing. The man who tried to tell us everything we would need to know took about two hours and left my head swimming. He spoke a great deal about the area, advising us of good places to anchor for the night as well as good places to stop and hike, snorkel, or enjoy the beach along the way. Interesting animals on land or in the water are also a possibility. We will pass some little fishing villages, but they don't have electricity or water to share with us. If we're lucky they may sell us a fresh fish or lobster. As we imagined, there's much more to sailing and navigating than we understand at this point. The winds change throughout the day as the land heats from the bright sunshine and we need to keep these changes in mind when we anchor as well as watching out for depth changes. By the time he finished talking to us I was wishing we had spent the extra $$$ for him to come with us, but the cost for the rental is quite enough. We also could have paid the Moorings to stock the boat for us, but as long as we are here and had the time, we should end up with things we all like and save those labor costs.

Then we went to the boat and the menfolk learned about all the equipment while the women poured over the kitchen. The boat has not been cleaned or the beds made yet so we'll save photos of those views for another day. Storage space is limited and we've bought so much food, that I can imagine that the canned ham may end up in my berth. Our rooms are very small, but each couple does have a private head. We may be storing luggage in ours.

The guide confirmed that since much of the land we will be sailing past is designated as a national park and there will be nowhere to resupply. He called this a "yoyo" trip = you're on your own. It won't too long and we will be out of radio contact with all but the passing boats. However, since we are all in the same situation, he said that other sailors would come to our assistance if we get in a jam. Fingers crossed that won't be necessary.

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