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Time for a cat nap

Grandpa playing with Colby


One more

Yesterday was a cool cloudy day and an extremely busy day for the Cave Crew. Not only did we have many tour busses and about 180 girl scouts, but they were also hosting the Miss Missouri Outdoors pageant in the theater building here at the complex.

I walked up the hill to the theater after Marilyn & I had our morning coffee. I helped Jeff for a little bit, as he was working hard to get things ready for the pageant. Then it was time for me to get to work giving tours. What a day!

I started the first tour at 9:15 AM and gave four tours in five hours. At the end I knew my voice was going, and this morning, I sound as if I am talking in a barrel, with a much deeper voice than normal.

We are taking it easy today. At least until later this afternoon. We are planning to drive to Quincy, Il to attend the visitation for the mother of a long time friend. She passed away on Thursday night if I remember correctly.

Steve, Jennifer and Colby arrived as I was going into the cave on my first tour. I hated it that I didn't even have time to give Jen a hug. The kids were going to St Louis for the day and we were baby sitting with Colby.

By the time I walked back to our RV to have a very late lunch, I was able to see Colby. It was time for fun as we talked to Colby, played with him, and fed him. He is a delight. In fact, I have a few pictures to post for you today.

Marilyn & I just ate some pop corn for dinner last night, as we watched a movie on TV.

We both slept soundly but still feel groggy this morning.

So yesterday was a busy day, but we enjoyed it. Today is a new day. We have some chores to take care of and a few other things to do but, basically we are just going to chill out today. Of course things happen each and every day, so we must be aware of the good things which come our way. You know how we feel about that. We just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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