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We rented our first scooter of the trip today, and went up to see Wat Doi Suthep. The drive up the moutain was beautiful and relaxing, but I think Chris got tired of me saying that we were going to drive right off the cliff. We survived, of course, and free of new burns, scrapes or bruises (except our butts - roads are a little bumpy that's all). Back down the mountain - safe and sound.

Tonight we went to a night safari, where we rode a tram through a series of nocturnal animal habitats. There were two trams you could take, one for those who speak Thai and one for everyone else. Fortunately for us "everyone else" means English, not sure the French couple was so appreciative. We were headed for the Thai tram but were hunted down and told we had to go over to the "other" (a.k.a. whitey) line... I cannot imagine how they ever found us, I thought we blended in so well, you know with our blonde hair and all.

So once on the tram, we had an english translator, which made the tour quite funny. The amusement was not exactly at expense of the translator, as her english was quite good. She was very excited to introduce us to our first exotic animal... the deer. Really I cracked up laughing as we were told about this exciting animal. There were other fun animals along the way with great descriptions. For example, did you know that a llama is a camel without humps, deer look like cows without horns or, the best description of all, the giraffe -- they only sleep ~2 hours a day so that they can "see if their enemies are tan and tell their friends." Ah... lost in translation!

Wat Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai overlook... look at the smogg

Thai dust pan

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