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Thursday April 10th – Breakfast at 7am and then left the boat at 8am and had a dry landing (in boat terms that meant our feet did not get wet!) on the west side of Santa Cruz. Saw marine and land iguanas and numerous varieties of birds including the Blue Footed Booby. Back to the boat for a mid morning snack and pre-lunch snooze!

After lunch the boat moved over to Rabida Island where we did a ‘wet’ landing on the red sand beach.

Saw Pelicans and a family of sea lions. Mum, Dad, a 2 year old and two 1 year olds. Also saw Yellow warblers, assorted pelicans, lava lizards including one with half a tail. Temperature only around 35 Celsius!

Then we went snorkeling, or we tried to! Very hot and humid. A young seal came and plonked itself right in the middle of our bags and towels! Guess we had taken his spot.

After we got back to the boat we moved to moor off of the island of Bartolome. On the way the boat stopped at Bainbridge, a crater filled with water and a bunch of Pink Flamingos along the shore.

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