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I know that the title for todays journal covers a lot of territory, but allow me to explain.

Yesterday morning, while most people were still asleep, we were awakened by Marilyn's phone ringing. I found the phone in Marilyn's purse but was too late to answer it. I hate those early or late phone calls because there is nothing but bad news associated with them, when someone calls you very early in the morning or very late at night.

Once I retrieved the phone I could see that it was Jennifer calling. I handed the phone to Marilyn and she called Jen back. Jennifer had called a few minutes before 5:00 AM to ask if we were ok because she had felt the earthquake and she was frightened.

An earthquake registering 5.2 on the Richter scale had shaken her house causing a picture to fall off the wall, and rattling more than the dishes. :) Marilyn & I hadn't even felt the quake, but it was quite a scary thing for Jennifer. I reassured her and told her that when we lived in Quito, Ecuador, we used to have earthquakes all the time.

Later in the morning, after our morning coffee, I dressed to give tours while Marilyn straightened up the RV. We had kids arriving by the bus load and one of the guides didn't show up for work on what was to be his last day of work before moving back to Texas.

They needed me to help out and they called Patty who was enjoying a day off. When Patty arrived, she brought her nearly 5 month old grandson with her as she was baby sitting for her daughter. I suggested that she allow Marilyn to keep an eye on the baby while we were giving the tours. So even Marilyn got in the act yesterday.

Marilyn brought the baby over to our RV and did a fine job of baby sitting for a couple of hours.

I had a large group of parents, teachers and grade school kids and we had a great time. The kids were really well behaved and we all enjoyed the tour.

I then was able to take off for a lunch break, but when I returned at 1:00 PM to help out, I was asked to take another large group, in spite of the fact that I had a tour of Cameron Cave scheduled at 2:00 PM. We skipped the video we usually show everyone, deciding to show it after the tour, and I led this group of kids off to the cave. That was also a good group and we exited the Mark Twain cave right at 2:00 PM.

When we came back into the gift shop, I was delighted to see a fine group of 19 college students, with a few of their instructors, waiting for me.

I had the lanterns all ready and began to welcome them when one of the very pretty young ladies came out of the group and gave me a big hug. It was Maria,the daughter of some dear friends of ours who live in Quincy, Il. It was so nice to see her, to visit with her for a few minutes and to have her as part of the tour.

We took the one quarter mile hike to the cave entrance, in the rain, and enjoyed a great tour of Cameron Cave. Everyone had a super good time and I had to tell them that this was the most enjoyable tour I have ever given. Everyone was really into it and the questions were good, every one participated and had fun. One of the instructors had hiked the Grand Canyon, over the same trails that Marilyn and I had backpacked three times some years ago. I enjoyed visiting with her also.

We walked back to the gift shop in light rain. Once we were back, I plugged the lanterns in to charge back up, put the keys away, and put my walkie talkie back into the charger. I was done for the day.

Marilyn & I had planned a movie night so, after I changed out of my wet clothing, we drove to pick up a pizza and some Pepsi. Once back at the RV we settled down to watch a couple of movies.

We had a very welcome, quiet evening after a busy, exciting day.

Yesterday had been a day of surprises, and new adventures, at least to some extent. Today is a new day and we have some good things going on today. Baby sitting for Colby is one thing, so you know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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