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WE had a wonderful scenic, leisurely float down the Tennessee River in a paddlewheel boat (3 decks) and saw large turtles sunning themselves along the bank. osprey and their baby chicks in nests, a HUGE metal junkyard near the barge flotilla, the Chattanooga City's amazing aquarium and waterfront area...they are having dragon boat races this weekend! about 200+ school kids, aged, fifth grade and high school went with were very filled with energy. This city is famous for Lil' Debbie treats, the orginal CocaCola was first bottled here; and moon pies (a chocolate snack thing) all come from Chattanooga....oh the battlefields which we saw yesterday. Chickamauga was huge and many monuments were from the Wisconsin Infantry group. The flowers were so in bloom and beautiful. dogwood, cherry, peach, redbud pretty....Paul liked the extensive gun collection at Chick. and the electric map of the battle. I have been focusing on the "human interest" Andey Rooney-like anecdotal stories of the young soldiers, the nurses, etc...there are so many perspectives that I had not thought about regarding the Civil War...that part is interesting to me. WE drove up Lookout Mountain and saw HUGE southern style true mansions on the hills overlooking the city. So many ridges made the strategy of defending this entry point of the South crucial to defend for the South. As you can guess, people hear us talk and they all say..."you all are not from here are you?"...duh...they act like Spokane, WA is someplace in outer space! that's okay..we love the beauty of this area and it is fun to hear their "accents" here..everyone is really friendly..spent time talking to couple from FLA today..their gas price is 3.45 per gallon....ouch..HE works for the FBI and knew Iwakuni MCAS in Japan..such a small world. I loved being on the paddlewheel boat today. When I was a little girl, my parents took us to Mobile, Alabama and I have pix. of myself and my brother, Rick, going on such a seemed like something right out of the movie "SHOWBOAT"...a fairytale like experience dad was raised in Picayune, Mississippi and the South was his land..he even had a "mammy" whose daughter I met when I was here in 5th grade...long ago..that was a real experience. so much for remembrances..we move to Atlanta, GA and the weather should continue to hold up with warm temps..they even started to clean up the pool at THIS RV park today. Hope everyone is well back home..we are sooo happy that the Everett family has two new MEMBERS...their Scottish Highlander cows BOTH gave birth yesterday to darling lil calves..on ANDREW Sonneland's 7th birthday..April 16th...Teri had her sister come over and that was a blessing since she needed Krisi to help her corral on of the little critters who managed to get OUTSIDE their fence!! such is life on the farm! This site is really lovely with the shade trees and actually, as we said, staying on Civil War battlefield we go tomorrow for more adventures!

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