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Yesterday was a beautiful day with bright sunshine and temperatures which reached 77 degrees in the afternoon. A fairly brisk breeze kept things very comfortable all day.

After our morning coffee, Marilyn went to do the laundry while I cleaned up the RV, made the bed, did the dishes, took out the trash, etc.

By the time Marilyn returned I was outdoors talking with Jeff and Chuck. Those guys work so hard around here and they have so much to do. In addition to the job here at the cave, Jeff is a fireman and Chuck farms.

I told Jeff that I would help them out with mowing the grass if they needed me. I can remember when we sold our home in Wichita, saying that I would no longer have to mow grass, trim trees, trim bushes, shovel snow, paint the house, stain the fence and the deck, and do all of the normal chores which go with owning a home. Well, I guess the key word here is "HAVE" to. It isn't so bad when I can "choose" to mow the grass to help out these friends. Besides, they have this great tractor to ride on.

So I spent the afternoon mowing grass. Because of the wind blowing, I was filthy dirty by the time I was finished.

Things do look nice around here with the freshly mown grass and the leaves beginning to pop out on the trees. Jeff and I did take the "Gator" for a short journey through the woods looking for mushrooms, but didn't find any. I think Marilyn & I may go searching today.

Last evening was our night to have dinner out with friends. We were meeting Dennis & Sonja at the Mexican restaurant, but we were surprised when we arrived early and discovered that our favorite place to eat was closed. No reason given in the sign on the door, but it did say they would be open today. Hmmm....

I placed a call to Denny who was on his way and we agreed to meet at another Mexican restaurant, near the Wal-Mart. We met in this new place about 10 minutes later and enjoyed a good meal, although the margaritas weren't nearly as good as in our usual place.

We had a nice time with these good friends and agreed to change the night of our get-together next week, to suit Sonja's schedule. We will meet for dinner on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Also we may make a visit to the Catfish Place at Arbela, Missouri, on Sunday. We'll see.

Last evening we watched Big Brother and then put a DVD in and watched a movie called "No Reservations". After that I went to bed to read for awhile.

We slept with our windows open all night and loved that! It is so nice to feel that wonderful, cool breeze blowing in through the open window.

We awoke this morning to an outside temperature of 60 degrees, so I know that today will be a wonderful day, just as yesterday was.

My, my, I really can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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