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showing the grandies a few rudiments...paradiddle

on our river cruise, Windsor

misty morning, Hawkesbury

Glenn's special damper

Darcy stoking up the fire


taste test

Paris, skiing

14th, 15th and 16th April...woke Monday to another damp and misty morning, by the time we were ready to start packing the camper tent was starting to dry out. Got it all together and headed into Windsor for some groceries before heading out to Lower Portland where Darcy has his on-site van on the Hawkesbury River. About 30kms, one river ferry and we were there showing off our camper to the grandies, Haydon, Paris and Jack. Paris insisted she sleep in there with us, so in she comes dragging her mattress. As we're staying here for a few days we decided to put up the awning as well. a bit more work involved but gives us a 6m X 2.4m shelter on the side of the camper

Got set up and then made a stack of sandwiches for lunch to feed the hungry mob. Terri made a phone call to the paddleboat people in Windsor for a river cruise the next day. Nice and quiet here, only us and 2 other families in the whole park, the occasional speed boat flying past to disturb the river prawn trawlers. Gathered up some firewood to get the fire going for the night. Not much happening, just did a bit of exploring on the bikes.

Tues 15th, real foggy morning, can hardly see the river. got ourselves organised to head off into Windsor for our river cruise. Luckily Darcy's car has 7 seats so we all fitted in the one car. 1st stop Target because Paris has bulk birthday dollars to spend......walked out proud as punch with her purchases of new clothes. Cappacinos for us and hot chocolates for the kids, a quick stop at the Post Office for our mail from home and then down to the jetty. Bit of a worry, about 80 young kids in a big group waiting on the grass near the paddlewheeler. We went over and boarded along with another mum and her 2 kids and then the peace was shattered with the screaming hoard queueing up to get on. We found a table up on the top deck, thinking this isn't too bad....except the 80 kids followed us....surrounded we were. Turns out they were on some sort of vacation camp from various primary schools around the district. Anyway the boat set sail, the kids were having fun so we just sat back and enjoyed the festivities. Pretty soon we were served a nice lunch, hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs and salad. Followed by ice cream. There was a bit of a dance floor in the middle of the deck where 1/2 the kids fitted at anyone time so lots of music and dancing and Terri and Paris joined in.

2 hours later we were back at the jetty, sadly(?) saying goodbye to 80 new friends we'd just made. Decided to do a bit of shopping at Bunnings, Supercheap autos before heading back to our camp up the river. Had some heavy rain while we were away and lots of wet towels etc...stuff that wasn't left under cover. Found some dryish firewood and got the fire going, snags and lamb steaks on the bbq. Finished the night with roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Wed up hoping the fire would still be hot enough to make damper in the coals, no such luck with all the misty rain around, so had to round up some more wood to crank it up again. After about an hour we had some really hot coals so a damper was made and cooked...Glenn's special damper....secret ingredients. The taste test was passed with flying colours. Darcy and I went into Windsor to pick up a few supplies (cheap golf balls to hit into the river) while Terri and Paris went for a long bush walk. Got back around oneish for some lunch and then a competition to see who could hit a ball the furtherest over the river. (actually they all finished up in the river)

Preparations for fish n chips tonight.

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