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Hey folks..we are in Chattanooga, TN today and the RV Park is actually on Civil War battlefield the brochure says, "over 100 yrs. ago, men fought and died on this very soil. A Monument stands in the RV Park from the 84th Indiana Volunteer Regiment that fought in this area.  WOW..we moved from driving thru sleeping on the very ground where the battles were fought.  As a side trip, we went into town to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo train museum which housed a really HUGE model train layout started by locals in was just amazing...had such fun places on it as "BERRP Beer Brewery" and "Dig and Delve Mining Company"..too fun!! So far we have avoided any "twirlies" as the Mississippi grocery clerk called the local tornadoes> PRAISE GOD!! We left Smyrna, TN (near Nashville) with temps this a.m. in the 30's with heavy frost on the Mazda windows and arrived here with temps in the low 60's and clear blue sunny skies. Hopefully no more thunder/lightning boomers to scare poor Blue. We head to Georgia (Atlanta) from here, but will try to catch a real riverboat trip after a trip tomorrow to the Chickamauga/Chattanooga battleground/museums.  The Civil War is well portrayed in a small but famous black & white movie we purchased of the classic book, "The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephen Crane..a good read; main actor Audie Murphy really does a good job of letting us know thru the author, what was in the hearts and minds of so many very young boys/men during the battles. I also picked up (at the Murfreesboro battleground museum) a book written about Louisa May Alcott's season to serve as a nurse in a Civil War Hospital setting...since I am related to her (thru my mom's side of the family) I have been fascinated to read this book. It is written by a lady who is the director of Orchard House in MASS...hope to get there on the next "BIG trip"...yes we will do another one down the line in time...missing family and friends, but okay with being away from home...seems like HOME is where our hearts are anyway and we are still "married and lovin' it." Love to all...paul & franP>S>  HAPPY BIRHDAY to our dear little guy, ANDREW SONNELAND...hope you like the gifts we left for you, kiddo..God bless ya (Grama Fran & Grampa Paul) wish we were there to share come cake with gooey frosting (tradition of Sonneland family members!!

HEY...we had our first taste of Sweet Potatoe PIE last yummy!! also had some Carolina Barbecued ribs for dinner tonite...we got sooo messy, but well fed!!

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