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Our first excursion was to sand surf in the Death Valley

To sandsurf, we have to first climb a tall sand dune

Nathan ready to go down the slope!

Joani was very excited to do it all by herself too!

Right after, we went to Valley of the Moon to watch sunset

After climbing a large sand dune, we were at the top with...

On top there were more trails to hike with beautiful views

On the backview is the view of the majestic tall Volcano which...

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Nathan sandsurf for the first time

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At the end, we were so tired that we just butt slide...

That afternoon when we arrived in San Pedro, we found a local person who offerred to take us to sand surfing in the Death Valley and then to watch the sunset at the Valley of the Moon for 30,000 Pesos, which is an okay price. So we scrambled to settle down after 9 hours on the bus and off we went without time for lunch to see the sights.

We never had done sand surfing so we were all very excited. What we didn´t realized was how much effort one needs to climb up the tall, tall sand dune at 2500m.

To reduce cost, the guide only rented one surf board. So Jonathan had to carried the surf board up each time for Annie and the 3 children. When one climb up the dune, one´s feet sink down making each step strenuous. Also, we didn´t pick the best spot so the surf board often got buried under the sand and it was difficult to surf down the dune. Nevertheless, we all had great time in experiencing this sport for the first time.

At the end, we all butt slided down the dune and had a great time.

The strange, austere, and lifeless scenery was also a plus.

After the fun time sandsurfing, we rushed to the Valley of the Moon before the sunset.

To view the sunet, one needs to first climb up a tall sand dune. By the time we huff and puff up the dune, the sun had just set. However, the scenery was still incredible as in all my travel in Utah & Arizona, I have never seen anything quite like it. There is a combination of several large dune, layered rocks, salted field with moon-like craters, tall volcano in the background, and red sunset rays took away our breath.

We regreted so much that we rushed through this scenic attraction as there are also more hiking trails, caves and salt mines that we could have explored in we had time. I would never forget this place.

It was a long day but a memorable one. Thank you Lord for giving us so much to remember and enjoy.

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