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Boojum Tree - Or Is It A Giant Upside Down Carrot?...

...Or A Scene From A Dr. Suess Book?...



...boojums and...

...more Boojums. They Bloom Every Second Year. Some Were Blooming While We...

Boojum Close-Up


Bahai De Los Angeles From The Hill

Happy Camper #1...

...And Happy Camper #2.

Harvey Among Friends At Daggett's Camp


Our Campsite - Complete With Climbing Tree

Fish For Supper??

A Brown Pelican Up Close

Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine....

Pied Piper Of The Pelican's

Harvey Gets Some TLC - Repairing A Detached Faring - Thanks For...

Artist Emma Does Realistic Drawing Of Mummy

Sea Turtle Research & Rescue Facility - Sarahi Gives Us A Tour

Sharon & Nick With A Rescued Sea Turtle

Marge & Roland With A Friend

Taking A Breather

Group Photo

Time To Go

"No Daddy, I Don't Need A Nap..."

Travelling to the Sea Of Cortez, Bahia De Los Angeles is a big detour off Hwy 1 about halfway up the so-called gas gap. The road to the coast is relatively new and the scenery is beautiful. Besides the vast dry lake and the colourful arroyos with their Spring desert flowers, the key feature for much of this drive down to the sea is the whimsical Boojum tree. ‘Giant upside down carrot’ only begins to describe this strange cactus tree. And there is no other place on the planet that these trees can be found.

Along with the other three couples, we spent two nights at Bahia De Los Angeles; the first night at Daggett’s Camp, popular for fishermen, then in the village at a non-descript, sort of run-down place that was right on the beach. I went clamming with Joe at low tide. Didn’t find a thing. But we enjoyed the walk and so many interesting sights, especially the seabirds.

That night we were awoken by the call of sea lions. In the morning before heading back out across the peninsula, we visited the Sea Turtle Research and Rescue facility. It is staffed by a young couple, David and Sarahi, both trained as veterinarians. They are passionate about their work which involves educating locals and visitors about the vulnerability of these amazing beasts. The Sea of Cortez is the home for a handful of sea turtle species some of which have been harvested almost to extinction. It is illegal for fishermen to take turtles now, but this was a way of life and unfortunately it has been difficult to change attitudes.

Hey, if you happen to be planning a visit to Bahia De Los Angeles you can visit the facility, see some recovering injured turtles and volunteer to help with whatever chores there are to do.

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