More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

This morning I was up and at 'em earlier than usual because I wanted to get my last-minute chores done in time to leave for Temple right after lunch. While unhooking from the utilities, I was stung several times by fire ants. How I hate those things! Their stings are very painful.

My timing was very good. I was on the road by 1:05. On the way I stopped in Belton to get propane and to feed Daisy. The next stop was at Don Ringler Toyota in Temple to drop Sweet Pea off to have them determine why the CHECK engine light was on. Scott said that he or Billy would call me after they had run the diagnostics on it. Then I went to Jim and Virginia's house. Virginia insisted that I park Daisy in their RV space so I could hook up to electricity. She then parked their car and their Lazy Daze (Starr) in front of me.

I had been at their house only a few minutes when I received a call from my banker in Austin telling me that he needed me to come in to sign a form that he had forgotten last Thursday. I asked him if he could fax the forms to the Guaranty Bank in Temple and then have the Temple branch mail the signed copy back to him. He agreed. That was a relief because it would have been over a week before I could have gotten back to Austin. Dear Virginia took me to the bank and waited patiently while I took care of this little business matter.

From the bank she and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few more things to take to the rally. We were back at her house only a short time when Billy called to tell me what Sweet Pea's problem was. The sensor indicated that a small leak was detected but the pressure test detected no leakage. They determined that the fuel cap may have been loose, causing the code to set. I'm so thankful that it wasn't any more serious than that. They took care of that and then did the annual inspection. I will pick her up on my way out of Temple Wednesday morning. I'll have transportation on this trip after all.

Virginia prepared a wonderful meal of spaghetti, garden salad, garlic bread and brownies with ice cream. My taste buds are very happy tonight!

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