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HOWDEE dear family and friends from Grand Ole Opry-land (that's Minnie Pearl-talk-ese)we toured Nashville today with the help of the Greyline Day Tour to famous sites like the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman's Auditorium-theater(did you know it used to be the Union Tabernacle church? and one of the original Grand Old Opry sites...we heard and saw memorabilia of Hank Williams Sr., Marty Robbins, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Roy Acuff, and so many more...we have been heehawed for a full day and came home with many music discs to add to our "cowboy" historic collection..including Patsy Montana...a great woman yodeler!! I had to really resist buying a a really fancy cowgirl hat...okay...grandkids...and friends..I can hear you laughing! BUT they were all so glitzey and cute! I could have even recorded something at Ryman Theater and brought it home...but I decided to forgo starting my singing career in least for now...too many places to still see on our trip..teehee. We saw the honkey-tonk hot spots and heards lots of live Country Western bands...NOTE to brother, Rick...we went past the Sportsplex where they talked about an indoor rink??? maybe yours? and saw a look-alike of the Parthenon in Greece...just a side note..the busdriver who shuttled us over to the GREY line bigger bus from the mall...he was heading out to a hotel to pick up some friends of Amy Grant and Vince Gill who were giving a little "Party" at their home outside of Nashville...we asked if WE could go too...he laughed..wouldn't that have been a kick?? Four ladies from NewYork were on the bus tour and they just ate up Paul with his NewYork childhood stories..they knew Syracuse well, where he was raised. It is 38 degrees and SNOW is predicted for Nashville area tonight..HOW about that??? see that Spokane is in the 70's today(Sunday) what a switch! I wore the winter coat that I left Spokane in back in February and Paul wore his winter jacket also...burrrr...thank goodness for a furnace in the motorhome. OFF to Stones River battleground(aka Mursfreesboro, TN) tomorrow, which the RV Park says is about 15 min. from here..take care and God bless you all (paul & fran)

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