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Written Sat.nite from Smyrna, Tennessee: Today we drove from Iuka, Mississippi to Smyrna, TENN. (outside of Nashville) along the Natchez Trace Parkway..a very narrow (no trucks allowed) two-lane county road with a 50mph speed limit..Paul thought it was time for me to drive the shoulders and neck KNOW how tense I was!!! I did not hit anything or go off the road, but that feels like a real miracle to me!!!(fran) each car that came close I wanted to go right and the road had NO SHOULDER at all..but I am alive to write about it, so I guess I passed the test! High winds carried us (Paul driving) futher north to Nashville outskirts today. To do some catch-up with you, we spent three wonderful days at a state park on Pickwick Lake, outside Iuka, Mississippi with lush green Willow Oak, Live Oak, and some kind of pine trees and purple bush-like wild flower things and wild azaleas and such quiet...NO TV, NO cable!! One night while walking Blue I actually saw lightning bugs..we had them in BOTH New York (Paul) and in Wisconsin(Fran) and we were reminded of our childhood camping days We were the only MH in the camp the first night/2nd night lots of boats and trailers were parked at the office lot, the lodge, the cabins and we discovered that Sat(today) was the beginning of a BIG BASS fishing tourney (big poster with Hulk Hogan fishing in office) and over 150 fisher-boaters were signed this a.m. we saw one guy who had been fishing the day before the tourney and he proudly showed us his catch of large-mouth bass (about 7 pounds!) and many super-large catfish..they were going to have a fish-fry that nite and would have invited us..Paul was quite verbal about NOT liking fish and said thanks, but we were was fun to see all the fancy boats! We drove into Smyrna and the WHOLE other side of the highway before our exit was stopped and traffic was even parked on the access grassy space on the freeway access roads...a Blue Angels Navy Air Show was going on in little ole Smyrna today..such luck!..we waded thru the traffic to our RV Park and the clouds prevented most of the air maneuvers from being visible anyway. Thursday we actually got to the Battle of Shiloh and the Civil War Interpretive Museum in Corinth, Mississippi. BOTH were totally fascinating! Shiloh was a drive-thru type park and the cemetery was very sobering. Men from both the Union and the Confederacy were buried there; men from Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennesee, and many other states and many unknown, unnamed soldiers. The statues and monuments were impressive. The Civil War Museum had numerous photos actually taken of the Civil War soldiers and featured many interactive exhibits with personal journal pages from various soldiers, and field nurses, and wives of fallen soldiers. Such a dark time in history and so many losses and the South presents some aspects of the reasons for war that many of us "Northerners" did not realize about the economy and slaves as "property" and how the South viewed the labor impact on the slaves leaving the South...only ONE-FOURTH of the landowners even HAD slaves...many others had Negroes who were low paid workers on their land..I did not know that. Alabama was calling to us on off we went for an adventure we had not planned. We drove to Tuscumbia, AL and found the Helen Keller birthplace, Ivy Green plantation and took the tour of her home and saw memorabila from her life. WHAT a courageous woman..her IQ was 160 and she graduated cum laude from Radcliff College!! that is impressive! She was such an advocate for the blind in her day. Her books are wonderful and filled with insights that lots of "sighted" people don't grasp...she was a faith-filled deep soul! On our way into Florence, Alabama we stopped for lunch and were hit with a deafening thunder/ and flashing lightning downpour of rain/storm..Blue shivered inthe car while we ate quickly and got soaking wet getting into the car...such is spring in the South. Tomorrow we hope to get into Nashville and see the Grand Ole Opry Museum. is the funny for today...we heard this on the radio show Rick & Bubba...a Mother's Day contest..they wanted people to write in to recommend their mothers for the gift...this was the gift: They called it "Fix Yo' Momma's Mouth" Makeover Contest...a free dental makeover from a local dentist in Corinth, Mississppi...can you imagine???? Paul & I have been laughing about this for the last two days and wanted to share this wonderful idea for YOUR Mother's Day creative type gift..if you can't think of anything much for to all..fran & paul

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