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Ok so the first entry is going to be pretty boring because we cant put up any pics just yet but...

So we did actually get on the road on monday even though most people said we wouldn´t. However we only made it to julien so i dont want to start our adventure there.

On tues. we got up and our car wouldn´t start, but after a good ol bump start we were on the road. Next we stopped in calexico to get some last minute things at Walmart. But when we got in the car again it wouldn´t start. Im freaking out and jimmy was laughing. So we called AAA, went and got some beers and waited. We hung out in the parking lot for six hours, until we got the car fixed, then opted to cross the border and sleep in mexicali. The border crossing was relativly easy, although i learned an important lesson not to wear trashy daisy dukes while dealing with govt. officials!!!

On wed is when the real adventure started! We drove for eight hours thru the senoran dessert which was really beautiful, all the way to the coast, to Bahia KIno. I really gotta give it up for the improvements being made in Mexico. The roads were awesome and all the checkpoints we hit were full of nice officers. We got a road side taco or two and a few cervezas along the way.

Now that you have an extremly general update, we can start the real stories!!! Check up on us!!!

droop face and thunder bags

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