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Picnic area

Jen & Steve with Colby at six weeks of age

A grin for grandma

Grandpa doin' his thing

Colby again

Yesterday we awoke to a windy morning with an outdoor temperature of 49 degrees. It only climbed one or two degrees all day and the wind continued with gusts to 30 or more mph.

I had been asked to help with a tour for a school group from Chicago, so I walked over to the gift shop when I saw the two large busses roll into the parking lot.

I had a nice group of kids, very well behaved, and everyone had a good time.

When I returned home I was delighted to find Nancy sitting with Marilyn. Nancy and her husband, Bob, were work campers here last summer. Bob was a tour guide while Nancy worked in the camp store and the fudge shop. They arrived a couple of days ago and we haven't seen Bob yet, but we had a nice visit with Nancy.

Other friends that we met in the Rio Grande Valley were on their way to Hannibal and we watched for them. Jack & Marge arrived around 3:00 PM and it was nice to see them again. They have traveled from Arizona where they spent this past winter. They have been on the road since Monday morning and were happy to finally arrive to a quiet campground where they can rest up for a day or so.

Marge went in to visit with Marilyn while I took Jack around the campground in our Van. He selected a site and we then sat in our RV for awhile visiting about their winter quarters in Arizona.

Jack left after a short time to go set up their RV. Marge stayed awhile longer and then walked back through the campground to their rig.

This is a very quiet and peaceful campground so we hope that they slept well last night and had a good night of much needed rest. We plan to go out to dinner with them this evening.

It wasn't long after Marge left that Steve, Jennifer, and Colby arrived. Steve and Jen were going out to dinner and then to the home of a friend for the evening, so Marilyn and I were going to babysit. Yippeee!!!

Colby is a delight! We enjoyed every minute of his visit with us. We held him, played with him, fed him, even changed his diaper. He grinned a lot and we both swear we heard and saw him laugh out loud.

By the time the kids arrived to take Colby home, I was feeding him once again and we were watching the Cardinal ballgame from San Francisco.

We got into bed much later than normal for us and slept in this morning until nearly 8:00 o'clock.

We have no agenda for today other than going out to dinner this evening. Maybe we'll take Jack & Marge for a tour of Hannibal. I don't know if they want to get in a vehicle again so soon. :) We'll see.

I do have some pictures to post for you so, if you don't see them when you first read the journal today, check back again.

In any case, yesterday was a good and enjoyable day in spite of the cold wind rocking the RV from time to time.

This is a new day, forecast to be cold, but we don't care because we know that life is good and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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