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Well, so we were suppose to leave Baltimore for Thailand today, however I regret telling everyone that we are still in Baltimore, and our flight to Bangkok leaves New York in less than one hour from now. It seems that even though the Thai embassy confirmed that my passport was fine to use, as it expires August 25, 2008, Thailand now requires anyone flying into the country to have a passport that has at least 6 months of activation left, so if you want to do the math on mine....that would be 1 1/2 half months short. After all was said and done, and trust me the tears were shed, we will be visiting the passport office on Monday morning to get an emergency passport, and we have a new flight for Tuesday morning. I will tell you what, it seemed like a catastrophe at the time, however, we will be leaving on Tuesday, meaning that we are only missing a few days of our vacation, so when all is said and done....much worse things happen in life. As our flight was leaving BWI for JFK we went out to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant in Baltimore, to at least pretend we were on our way. Not quite sure what we are going to do for the weekend, but we won't be home, as we are on vacation

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