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The wind is blowing and the temperature is 75, what more could you ask for. When we were in Lake Tawakoni we went to a benefit rodeo for a young man that needed surgery for cerebral palsy. It was a lot of fun to be there cause everyone was very friendly and you could wander around. Of course I spent some money, it was for a good cause. We got to stand right next to the fence near the chutes and got some awesome pictures. The clowns were supposed to be doing an Elvis song of baby baby but you had to be there to know how funny it was.

Then we moved to Bay Landing, which is in the town of Bridgeport. Not many bridges and not any ports so no one could give us the history of the name. The courthouses in all of Texas are huge and very well kept even if the entire town only consists of 2 to 3 thousand people. The town is made up oil trucks and natural gas trucks by the thousands. The big drilling rigs are all over in the fields along the road with the trucks transferring it to larger tanks off someplace else. Then there is the smell when you mix the two together, so I’m glad we don’t need to go to town very often. I visited almost all the novelty shops in town and of course every western store. I could have spent some bucks at the western stores and the smell of leather was heavenly. Of course the employees thought I was a few bricks short of a load but the smell was intoxicating for me.

The campground itself is ok but there is not much to do here. You either have to walk or drive to the building to get the Internet. We asked about them buying a booster for the internet but thousand trails says they cost too much but they have money for more parks. Sounds like politics to me, someone wants to look good. The fishing is lousy and Dennis has lost hooks, lures and a lot of fishing line. There are only about 20 full hookup sites. The walking is good cause the campground is away from the road so we have been doing a lot of walking. Ruby would play in the water all day and Sadie only goes in the water if she wants to cool off. After that Sadie would just like to be nosey and sleep and eat. Dennis did get some nice pictures of a male and female cardinal and a mocking bird. How about that spider pretty cool huh!!!! We have never seen a butterfly like this so we have a few (ha ha) pictures of it also.

Whichita Falls is north west of us and we just had to go see things that way. We went through Bowie, Texas and was really surprised that it wasn’t a tourist town. Not even any RV parks there. Anyways Whichita Falls was big and had a huge park in it called Lucy Park. Named after some lady a long time ago. The park was huge and the walkways were wide and very well kept. They had picnic areas, pool, the falls and some beautiful flowers. By the time we got out of there we were all walked out for the day.

During one of our rides out of town I saw these beautiful horses near the fence. I make Dennis turn around, traffic is brutal and it’s sprinkling. So I get out and you know me I can’t just get my pictures and leave, I have to go to the fence and talk to anyone who wants to listen and get a little scratch besides. Dennis says someday I’m going to be looking down the barrel of a shotgun. They were so pretty and it’s the babies that draw me. To Lori and Twink we even stopped at some sales but didn’t find anything.

On April 9th, 2008 a tornado went within 7 miles of us. That was a very interesting night of hail, wind, rain and a lot of praying. I felt really sorry for the places it did get but was really glad it was not us. We will be heading to Tennessee next week. Now that’s getting close to home, if only you guys would warm it up just a little bit more. Give everyone my love especially that new niece of mine. God Bless and be safe.

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