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Read the print on his shirt

Grandma Dray giving some lovin' to Colby

He looks content

One more

Dinner with friends

Yesterday was a cool, humid day and Marilyn & I had different agendas for the day. I had been asked to help out with a group of high school students visiting from Illinois. There were two bus loads of kids from a town east of St Louis. We divided them into three groups with the third and final group going with me, through the Mark Twain Cave.

They were very well behaved young people and we had a good tour.

I had been asked by a tourist from Washington State if I would give him a tour of Cameron Cave, so I checked with management and they gave the OK. That tour was scheduled at 1:00 PM. I knew that Marilyn would be gone when I got back. She was going out to Jennifer's to visit and see Colby. I have pictures for you to enjoy.

I returned to the RV and was in the process of changing clothes when there was a knock on the door. It was Chuck delivering our monthly mail from South Dakota.

I took the time to scan the mail and saw a card from Mike & Angela in Michigan. It was an Easter Card they had mailed before we saw them at Easter. Angela, I want you to know that we did receive the card and we want to thank you. It was good seeing your family and we look forward to seeing you again. Next time, Mike and I will go shoot some hoops.

I started back to the bedroom to get a shirt when I noticed a nice new truck pull up and recognized my friend, Denny. I grabbed a shirt and pulled it over my head as Denny walked to our door. Dennis & Sonja have been good friends for nearly 30 years and it is always enjoyable to visit with them. Denny came in and we sat talking over a cold drink. He had just completed his business in Hannibal and we were having dinner together at "El Vaqueros" later, so we visited until Marilyn returned and it was time to go eat dinner. We were meeting Sonja, Steve and Cathy at the restaurant.

We enjoyed the laughter, good food, great margaritas, and good company, making a wonderful ending to the day.

We were back in our little home on wheels in time for the TV shows we normally watch. Marilyn watched TV while I went through the mail. Except for the card from Mike & Angela there was only a few financial reports and nothing much else of importance.

Some people may wonder about getting our mail only once per month. Let me explain how that works.

We have a mail forwarding service at our "home" address and they forward the mail to us once per month. I call them on a toll free number when we relocate, and they send the mail to our new address until I notify them that we are moving once again. We could get our mail more often but choose the most economical choice.

We pay all of our routine bills except for the credit card, automatically, each month, so we get no bills in the mail. Once a month our credit card company notifies us that we may see our latest statement on line. We check it over and then pay it with our on-line banking. Everything works great.

This is a common way of doing business for the full-time RVer, and seems to be very efficient.

Well, it began raining again during the night and it continues this morning. No problem as we have nothing to do except watch the Masters golf tourney on TV and, I think I will make a pot of vegetable beef soup today. I'll let you know about that in tomorrows journal entry.

I have an idea for another magazine article for the rv-dreams magazine. I lay in bed early this morning thinking about it. I may entitle it "Screen doors and windmills" or something like that. I'll let you know when it is published.

Well dear readers, it is time for me to put the coffee on. The tantalizing aroma may rouse my dear sweet bride. :)

It is wet outdoors but I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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