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Yesterday we awoke to rain beating its steady tattoo on our roof. That is a soothing sound and we didn't get out of bed right away.

Over our morning coffee we talked about leaving Hannibal and working our way toward Branson, maybe even going on south of Branson to revisit Eureka Springs, Arkansas, before attending the rv-dreams rally in Branson. It was all just conversation though as we have made no decision about leaving here before June 1st.

Once the rain let up a bit, I walked over to the gift shop to see if I would be needed for tours. One of the new guides called in and he wasn't coming in because of the rain. He walks to work and I can't say that I blame him for not wanting to walk in the rain, but.....

So, as it turned out, I gave four tours of the cave yesterday. The largest group was from a college and the other groups were small, almost like giving a private tour to a family. It was all enjoyable and in between the tours I walked back to our little RV and spent time with Marilyn. She stayed busy cleaning out the closets and drawers, getting our clothing sorted and rearranged. I suspect another trip to Good Will is coming soon.

We need to locate our backpack and our fanny packs for our anticipated hiking trips in Colorado this summer. We have other things to take to the storage shed on the farm.

We have been full-timing since September of 2006 and we still haven't managed to get everything arranged and organized just as we want it. I'm not sure we are even getting closer! :)

Since yesterday was such a cool, wet day, Marilyn prepared Taco Soup for our light dinner last night. It was pretty good, and we ate our dinner while watching American Idol and then that Big Brother show.

I went to bed after that and watched some TV I had recorded from the History channel about Washington's Generals.

The rain ended by the time I was finished in the cave yesterday and the sun even peeked out briefly before hiding once again behind the gray ceiling of thick clouds.

Marilyn & I slept good last night and awoke to an inside temperature of 67 degrees this morning, so I have the furnace turned on to take the chill off.

Yesterday was not an exciting day, but we are now one day closer to heading down the road. Both of us have "hitch-itch" and are ready to get on the road again.

We read other blogs and keep track of the adventures of friends we met in the valley, or in some cases, of friends we haven't met yet. That keeps us going until we can get back on the road to see what is around the bend.

When I sat down at the computer this morning, I had no idea what I was going to write about. Most of our days here are just living a normal life with excitement being a rare commodity. Perhaps that is a good thing because we appreciate so much, the good times we have with friends along the way, and the adventures which delight us.

We hope each one of you has a wonderful day today. As for us, well we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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