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It was really raining. Still, Tom had to do a dump!


Our site at Grayton Beach

A local store

Right from Sodus New York - in Florida!


Is it Starbucks or Delivery?

Western Lake

Watercolor (A Manufactured Village)

Riding to the beach



Grayton Beach






Western Lake

Moon Rise

Every house seemed to be for sale

Grayton Beach State Park has more development nearby than any other park we have stayed in. It is possible to walk or more easily bicycle to the town center where there are shops and to our amazement a Starbucks! The first thing Tom did after hooking up the water and electricity at the camp site, was to hop on his bike and bring back a Tall Mocha and a Tall Caramel Macchiato strapped to the carrier on the back wheel.

The weather turned gray (after all it is Grayton) on Saturday and there was some rain in the early morning. The wind had churned up the waves on the ocean and fishing was out of the question. Besides, Tom's fishing reel, was clogged with sand and the drag was inoperative. He tried to find a new reel in the "shee-shee", manufactured community of Watercolor, but they only had fly rods and reels at the fancy Orvis store. We have decided that this part of Florida is over developed and it appears that almost every house is for sale.

Sunday was a bright blue sky day and there were many beach people out frolicking in the waves or soaking up the sun. Tom did find a new surfcasting fishing outfit and tried to catch dinner - but again no luck, but this time he at least got a few bites.

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