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Could not resist writing down some of the names of towns, signposts, and other oddities we saw going thru Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi today..a long road trip leaving Branson early this a.m.:

Here we go..(if you have been to this area of South Central U.S., imagine you could add some more funny things you saw)

We passed towns like Bee Branch, ARK.

Pickles Gap, ARK

Goat Gap, ARK

Wooly Hollow Goat Farm

and you are welcome to stop at "Toad Suck Park"...eeeeuww..not sure what lovely things await visitors there.

We could have eaten Fresh Catfish fried (they call catching them "noodeling" yikes)

also one sign invited us to try Rodeo Style Mud Bugs (pictures of very large crawfish)

High School billboard :Join us tonite for Donkey Basketball - we are state champs!

LOTS of little church signs "JESUS SAVES" really in the Bible Belt

One said, " God's purpose is greater than your problems." HOPE the farmers took that to heart all along the way we saw sooo much flooding in looked like Japanese rice paddies..altho it was lots of corn fields and even farmhouses and equipment all flooded and drowning in muck..sunny weather today..but the rain has really hit Arkansas and Missouri farmers hard. We went through West Memphis to get to HornLake, Mississippi where our RV Park is located...not sure what tomorrow holds..pond in RV Park has gazillions of frogs and birds and other critters. well so much for travel today..we went about 310 miles travelled today and two days here and then off to East Mississippi for our FIRST Civil WAR battlefield..not much in Memphis, we found, related to Civil War. all for now..Happy Trails to you (guess Roy Rogers got under our skin..been playing his, and Sons of the Pioneers songs and his son, "Dusty" Roy Rogers Jrs' songs all day!!! So Long Pardners

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