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Scenery obscured by some clouds

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Pilgrims Rest

Scenic mountain drive between Pilgrims Rest & Graskop

To Graskop - March 23 Easter Sunday

Graskop was a short drive through scenic hills as planted forests as we gained elevation to about 6,000 feet.

A couple of miles before Graskop we stopped at one of ZA's famous bungee jump areas, Graskop Falls. We had climbed into the clouds as we ascended to Graskop and the resulting fog intermittently obscured the falls and the jump area. This bungee site is rigged differently than most. Instead of a bridge, a cable is strung across the gorge with an anchor point in the middle. Jumpers are rigged in a seat instead of by the ankles and jump backwards off a platform on one side. The result is a combination jump and swing, which takes the jumper up into the mist of the water coming off the falls. When the swinging finally stops they get the additional experience of climbing back to the top up a series of mossy stairs. The site also offers a "flying" traverse of the gorge on a second cable rigged with a pulley (like the forest highline cables). The cable has a slight elevation drop. At the end of the gravity ride the "flyer" is pulled back by a rope.

Even leaving late we arrived too early to check into the RV Park so we continued on over a mountain pass to an old mining town, now turned into a tourist attraction called Pilgrims Rest. The drive over was very scenic but we were on the wrong side of the road for photos. Rain started as we arrived and continued for the rest of the day and into the night. No photos on the way back either.

Today was a bad day for photos. Not the weather - I missed putting the memory card back in one of the cameras last night. Discovered it while trying to review a photo a Pilgrims Rest. I'll post more photos when I get time to process the video and extract photos from it. The bonus of HD video is that I can get a 6 megapixel photo from it, if I get good video.

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