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Monday 7th April...woke early (as usual)...very quiet spot at Pigs Point, virtually no traffic noise, no creatures in the night and no wind. Terri was up continuing her video...stand by for the movie...and I got me toast n coffee. About 1 hour and 12 minutes from getting up we were on the road. Getting good at this.

Drove up to the Wodonga/Corryong road and headed for Corryong....still quite hilly, but a bit more straight flat road. Arrived Corryong and went to the visitors centre, the plan being to book into a B & B or resort accomodation in Thredbo. Very helpful and willing staff in there, got us a room for two nights at the "Home of Ullr" resort hotel...sounds flash eh? A slow cappucino (sorry Neil & Erika, but we ain't changin' our routine) and then I went off to get some fruit while Terri rang her Mum and some horsey people around Thredbo to get us a horse ride. On the again, with Khancaban just up the road 20 odd kms where we would refuel. Just out of Khancoban we saw the 1st of numerous signs saying NO caravans or articulated vehicles to go on the road between Khancoban and Thredbo. That was a concern, maybe we would have to leave the trailer there and pick it up on the way back. At the servo I asked the woman if we could take the trailer up into the mountains. No worries she said, that sign was there when the road was just dirt. A bit of relief but still apprehensive after the drive up the Great Alpine Road in Victoria. Started driving out of Khancoban and spotted another sign saying "Get your Kosciuszko National Park permits here". Do we need that....apparently we do. Went in and parted with $32 for 2 days in the park.

Commenced the drive up and found it a bit more pleasant than the G.A.R. mainly because it was a wider, better road and much more use of safety railings. Probably a bit steeper but no worries. A few maintenance crews on the road removing fallen trees from last weeks storm. On the way up we stopped for a brief look at one of the many hydro-electric power stations....there was a busload of senior citizens getting rounded up for a tour so we just mingled into the group and went in the power station and joined the tour. Saw 10 massive turbines, quite amazing but they don't do anything....just sit there....and hum.

Arrived Thredbo and checked in, nice place but quite deserted, obviously no snow so no tourists. Went for a walk and noticed one chairlift was operating so decided to do that tomorrow. Had a good look around..... some amazing feats of engineering here just to keep the buildings from falling off the sides of the mountains.

A nice dinner and then hit the sack....

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