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what a week. Since We have 2 weeks of vacation in mid-February, and we don't leave for vacation until tomorrow morning, I had the week to explore Nantes and sleep (more importantly)...Since we did SO MUCH, i have transcribed the events in an easy-to-read list format! wahoo!

This week, I:

- Saw another movie in french. Asterix aux Jeux olympiques; based on a french comic book series...funny, and i actually understood it! Madeline: one, france: zero.

- Went shopping! bought a shirt dress, an eye shadow, a book, a pair of sunglasses, the list continues...

-Visited the little seaside village of Pornic...the name always makes me laugh and i'm not sure why...Very cute nontheless. They're famous for their strawberry ice cream, I had the sorbet and was in heaven. Yum.

-Met Lauren's family...Aunt and Uncle + 3 kids are barking mad, but her grandmother's lovely!

- Went swimming!! France revelation: All french men DO wear speedos! regardless of age, body type, and body hair to skin ration...'nuff said.

-Went out for dinner for the birthday of Maeva, one o fLauren's friends. I ordered a glass of wine, and i was shocked when they didn't card me! Spent most of dinner trying to understand the rapid conversation. It was like an episode of gilmour girls, only 10 times worse.

-saw an exhibition on mechanical animals. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

-Went running for the first time since My back injury a year ago. I ran for 45 minutes without stopping and almost died. Lauren and Her mum dropped me at the house and did "another lap", they were barely breaking a sweat by the time they got back...I, on the other hand, enjoyed the pain in my legs for 4 days afterward and had to walk like a penguin in the mean time. Life isn't fair.

-Sent appoximately 1 000 000 emails.

-developed an all consuming addiction to spider solitaire (i'll never go back to the original).

-baked cookies(all the ingredients are organic too! even the bloody sugar!)since they didn't have chocolate chips, we had to make them with nuts...not bad i suppose, but what are chocolate chip cookies withough the chocolate chips? exactly.

Tomorrow morning we leave for our one week tour of the chateaux of the Loire...stay tuned...

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