Us on the left and new friends Charles and Dianna Carroll

Charles and Dianna Carroll with Goldie are from Fredricksburg, VA.

Mom and son, proud for what you do for us, son.



Can you see anything unusual about this fishing picture? The guy upfront...

That's the "Paralyzed Veterans Assoc Fishing Tournament".

The day after our friends the VanEmmeriks left us for Perry and the RV Rally another large 5th wheel coach pulled in near us. We quickly made friends with them and learned they're from Fredricksburg, Va. Having much in common we got along great. They're Charles and Dianna Carroll.

Of course had to take some pics of Dave with us.

Another item of interest, PVA (Paralyzed Veterans Assoc) Fishing tournament was taking place one week here. One of the fishermen was staying a few spaces away from us in a tent. Scott and Sally from Kansas. He's parapalegic and fishes alot. That's him in front of the boat in a wheel chair, not strapped or anchored to the boat mind you. Scott didn't win the tournament this year but did in 1995, the boat he's on was the prize that year. How does he do all this? When they get to the boat ramp, Sally helps Scott get into the boat, then the wheel chair. The assigned fishing partner gets in to act as driver. Sally backs up the boattrailer to the lake and launches the boat. Off the guys go for a day of tournament fishing! A recent article in one of Dave's rodbuilding magazines discusses special rods for special needs people. This situation is one the article talked at lenth about.

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