This is how we're setup at TTN Forest Lake, comfortably.

This is the view out our living room window.

On walk we discovered carvings in trees and stumps. Interesting.

Second of three carvings we've found.

The last of the carvings we found. There may be more around...

A portion of the eighteen hole minin golf course.

The rest of the mini golf course.

A beautiful lake and nice bridge to walk over to the upper-half...

This little gem of a lake has a good deal of fish...

There are eight of these little cabins for rent along the edge...

Another view of the lake

If you don't have an RV or don't want to rent a...

Left over from the 1800's is this tobacoo drying barn.

the barn upclose.

The sign tells about the barn.

The view inside shows the oil fired heaters.

Now the modern stuff, entrance to the gift shop, store, family lodge.

Back of the adult lodge and chapel, take a dip if you...

The family swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts.

Inside the adult lodge, must 18 or older to come here, it's...

Also in the adult lodge, there a nice book exchange shelf too....

It's a short, actually a MUCH shorter drive here from Augusta, Ga if you go straight North instead of over to Atlanta (on the freeway) and up I-85 (a freeway). We took the backroads, we like the old highways, and saved about 5 hours or more time. Heck we saved more than that if you count rattled nerves, more diesel, bumps and lumps in the freeways, breaks from driving, etc.

You've no doubt have discovered by the lines on the map that the mapping system doesn't show YOU, good reader, the route we've taken to get here, just that we are here.

The day was foggy and chilly to start with when we left Ft. Gordons Pointes West Rec Area. But the fog disappeared later in the morning. As we drove into TTN Forest Lake, about 4:30 p.m., it was very nice and warm about 75 degrees. We were pleasantly surprised at what we found for a park here. A predominately second growth hardwood forest with a smattering of pines, an 8 acre lake, nice buildings, a chapel and 262 full-hookup RV spaces. The land on which the park is built was part of a 4,200 acre 19th century cotton and tobacco plantation. In fact, all the plantation minus this plot is owned by the original family, The Hairston's. The park is nowhere full, maybe about 1/3. Mostly snowbirds migrating north from Florida and other southern locations.

Our stay in Augusta was fantastic, despite the torrential rain and threat of tornados periodically. After all we came for a visit to our son David who had recently come home from a year in Afghanistan. A plus for us was also a few hours of visit with his lovely wife Cinnamon, who came in for a weekend visit. We always like to visit with any of our kids when the chance comes up. But this was special, as Dave has been in danger and helping another people become independent. He will have been gone from Cinnamon for two years this July, by the time he finishes the school at Ft Gordon. It'll be good for them to get back together and reestablish their home.

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